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Aos pais pertence o direito de escolher a educação dos filhos

'Unschooling' provides an alternative form of education


"Unschooling" is an educational philosophy rooted in the belief that the best way to teach children is not through a rigid "one size fits all" educational system, but through enabling students to choose what subjects and learning methods best fit their individual skill set.

"Unschooling is allowing your child as much freedom to explore and learn from the world as you can comfortably bear as a parent," said Pat Farenga, one of the leading proponents of "unschooling."

Though unschooling shares many traits with homeschooling and other alternative educational paradigms, unschoolers argue there are some elements that make it unique. Most notably, unschooled students do not follow an assigned curriculum. Instead, children are allowed and encouraged to set the agenda and pace using their parents and communities as resources.

The idea of "unschooling" children might sound radical to skeptics. However, if we're going to make progress in the educational arena, we need to be willing to throw aside outmoded practices and adapt to new models of education that place an emphasis on student autonomy.

For decades, students have been subjected to an outmoded model of education that restrains individual thought and expression. The best way educators can motivate children to learn is through self-motivation, not stale classes and mind-numbing monotony. In the end, education should revolve around an individual's pursuit of knowledge, not a top-down bureaucratic hierarchy.

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